Happy Birthday, OWIN


Cake.jpgYou’re one verson old today! 1.0 on 10/10. :)

After much effort, input, conversation, writing prototypes, re-writing prototypes, and much churn: OWIN v1.0.0 is now fully baked.

Expect to see and hear much more about this. It’s a good thing.

OWIN – compile once and run on any server


Hello all! This blog post is about OWIN and we’ll look at an owin-sandbox repo that has been created to help test drive the draft spec to bring it closer to a release point. But first there a few notes about things that have been renamed.

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Testing Live Writer


I always wrote posts online, and without a wysiwyg editor… Trying Live Writer for a change.

Looks really nice so far! Can’t believe how effective it is… Ah! You can turn off all of the "smart quote" and emoticon replacement business. :). That’s good. Now – let’s try a code block…

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Ghost.exe – a generic host for OWIN applications


Hello again! Now let’s talk about Ghost.exe.

As you may be aware – OWIN can be thought of as a port of Rack or WSGI specification to .NET, and Gate can be thought of as a reference implementation the of Rack utility and middleware library.

If you’ve used Rack then you’re probably familiar with the rackup executable. It provides a way to load a web site and run it on a web server that doesn’t provide it’s own executable. That is more or less the role Ghost.exe plays in the overall OWIN/Gate suite.

By now you’re thinking, “That’s awesome, stop typing and tell me how to get some of that!” and the easiest way is with Chocolatey – a nuget-based software distribution mechanism. The easiest way to get Chocolatey is from the VS Package Manager Console.
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Gate adds OWIN support for the new ASP.NET Web API beta


Hello again, everyone! As I’m sure you already know, ASP.NET MVC 4 beta is available and it has some fantastic stuff in it! One of the interesting bits is the latest ASP.NET Web API.

Looking at that, I’m absolutely certain you’re thinking the same thing Glenn Block was saying on Twitter:

@gblock: hmm I really wish there was an Owin adapter for #aspnetwebapi! /cc:@loudej

Wish no longer! Gate has a new drop available, version 0.3.4, and it contains a Get.Adapters.AspNetWebApi package which does exactly that – enabling you to mix the Web API into your OWIN based web applications.

Let’s take a look at how that feels. That should be even easier than before because of a few more things that are new in Gate – a handful of Quickstart nuget packages, and a Ghost “generic host” process which lets you use any of the available OWIN http servers interchangeably. Neat, right? Let’s jump right into that!
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Introducing Dragonfly – another .NET HTTP server


Two posts in a month! Hard to believe.

This one is to introduce Dragonfly – which is another 100% C# HTTP server. It’s designed from the ground up to be an OWIN host, of course, and is entirely non-blocking. This is similar to other open source managed web servers like Kayak and to some extent others like Manos.

Why start another C# HTTP server? Well, to some extent this started as an exercise to have another test harness to help troubleshoot and validate Gate and OWIN, rather than as a functional HTTP server of its own. It has from that grown into something that I felt had enough value to share as a standalone project.
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Gate 0.2.1 implementation of OWIN online at NuGet


Hello everyone! First – to break the cardinal rule of posting on stale blogs – it’s been nine months!? Time flies! Okay, now that’s out of the way.

The topic of this post is OWIN – specifically the 0.2.1 refresh of the Gate reference implementation which has been released to NuGet.org.

You can test-drive these bits yourself, if you would like, from a simple C# console application. I’m assuming you have NuGet installed, right? Good! So in a new console app (HelloWorld.exe in my case) from the Package Manager Console install either Gate.Stack.Kayak.Nancy or Gate.Stack.HttpListener.Nancy. You can also right-click the project and select Manage NuGet Packages… to accomplish the same thing. The various Gate.Stack.* you will find are umbrella packages that pull in several dependencies and add a few example source files.
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Is this thing still on?

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Hello all! Or at least all of you still tuned in after this huge gap in posting. :)

It’s spring again, Easter weekend, and we’re celebrating with Brenda’s sister Michelle and niece Azaria. They’re staying with us while they transition to Washington.

Other news on a professional front, Orchard 1.1 has been released! Time to dig in for 2.0 scope and ideas.

Ah! Also will be in Atlanta for a TechEd presentation on “Writing an ASP.NET MVC ViewEngine” so if you’re in town be sure to check that out.

Another thing going on is some community development participation work on the Gate reference implementation of the OWIN spec. It’s a lot if fun – you should check that out.

Well, that’s good for now. Lets see if this mobile blog app actually posts. :)

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Notes on The Big View Engine Comparison


There was another very interesing comparison of several view engines recently. Some of the Spark syntax isn’t exactly how I would have done things, so I thought I would respond with some of those notes. I was going to add a comment, but wanted to be able to preview code samples.

So here are some thoughts.
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Orchard moving along nicely


There are three cornerstones to a content management platform – extensibility, storage, and display. The first milestone of Orchard revolved around the first two and the next push is taking a look at the third.

It takes a large leap of faith to retrofit the rendering system of an application. If the retrofit is based on significantly different concepts you don’t really have a choice but to enter a period of almost total loss of functionality. So here we are – jumping the canyon – looking forward to getting all of the modules back online over a new display system.

There are a lot of things we want to accomplish with what’s being designed. Trying to capture as many of the simple qualities you’d want from a direct template based approach along with the flexibility, power, and control you’ll need in a system like Orchard.
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